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 7.00pm – 9.30pm

January 27 & 28 2021



Free virtual event

7.00pm – 9.30pm

January 27 & 28, 2021

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Breeding 2021

As sure as night follows day breeding must follow calving! So as nature continues its relentless march forward are you ready for Breeding 2021? Whether in dairy or beef, the breeding decisions you make now, will affect your herd, and your pocket long into the future. So, how can you ensure you are in the best position to make these decisions?

On the evenings of Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th of January, Agri Insider is thrilled to bring you our Virtual Breeding event. Sit back and prepare to be informed, entertained and engaged by panels, debates, discussions and arguments on all that is currently relevant to enable you to make the best decisions for your farm and your future.

This show will be brought to you over our bespoke virtual platform with ease of interaction with exhibitors and sponsors paramount. If you have questions on breeding for 2021 this is where you will find the answers. Experts will be live both nights and ready to interact with all. On our first evening we will look at all that is happening in the world of dairy, from heat detection aids to feeding and nutrition, from where we currently are to where we will be!

On the second evening, we deep dive into the world of beef and suckler breeding. There are more farmers involved in beef than all other sectors of Irish agriculture combined, so what does the future hold for this vital area? What are the best breeds to consider for your farm and how do you ensure you get a return on your breeding decisions?

We look forward to welcoming all to this Virtual event, to give you the opportunity to kick 2021 off in a positive note and with confidence in your breeding decisions.



In October 2020 Agri Insider brought you the Virtual National Dairy Show. The interactions and audience engagement were ground-breaking for a virtual agricultural event and left sponsors, exhibitors and farmers all looking for more. So, after careful consideration and from speaking to those involved in Irish agriculture, the team at Agri Insider have stepped up to answer this call and identified a breeding event as the next logical step. But this time it is not just about dairy but also the vital (and sometimes forgotten) beef farmer.


What to expect?


First off, don’t expect another boring online webinar! This event agenda is an exciting mix of panel discussions, lively debates, demonstrations, polls on important matters, show special offers and information from our sponsors. All this will be presented in an entertaining manner, with each segment short and snappy which is sure to keep everyone fully engaged on both nights.
Ease of interaction with is guaranteed! Messages, comments and /or questions can be easily typed into a panel on screen, with experts on hand to answer in real time or follow up after the event.
So, if you are concerned about where your farm is going and wish to ensure you make the correct breeding decisions in 2021, then this event is a must. Or if you just want to sit back and enjoy two night of FREE engaging agricultural entertainment, then you are more than welcome also!
Looking forward to greeting you on the evenings of the 27th and 28th of January.

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This event is organised by Agri Insider. If you have any questions, requests, or require any assistance, please feel free to contact:

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